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Innovation and rewards

Innovation and rewards have always been an integral part of the Strauss Groep of which the following are but a few:


Design and manufacture of the first hydraulically driven kerb-laying equipment in the world.

Large reservoir built without struts

A reservoir, with the largest diameter in the Southern Hemisphere, was built without using struts.

Gold Award in 2005

The Professional Management Review honoured Strauss Siviel with a Gold Award in 2005 – placed
first overall in the category Civil Construction; for Northern Cape Leaders and Achievers Companies
doing the most to enhance the province’s economic growth and development. Excellence was rated
by Northern Cape business and local and provincial governments.

Road-marking equipment

Development and manufacture of the first road-marking equipment that enabled users to do all 5 layers of marking simultaneously. At that time, this machine was regarded as the fastest road-marking machine on the market.

Keimoes Stormwater Project

During 2001, Strauss Siviel received the award from the South African Institution for Civil Engineering for the “Most Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement in Community-based Projects” for the Keimoes Stormwater Project.

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